Envestio is happy to announce that starting with 27 November 2020 Mr. Eduard Ritsmann, an experienced sales person, who has more than 20 years long outstanding track record in international sales and project leadership, is joining Envestio team as the new COO and Development Director. This appointment follows the acquisition of the platform by a strategic investor from Germany, Mr. Arkadi Ganzin. Mr. Ganzin has great experience in German banking industry where he was working prior to starting his own oil and gas products trading venture. The acquisition will bring Envestio onto a brand-new level by adding up to the project the solid experience and wide business network of new team members.

In his turn, the former Envestio COO Evgeniy Kukin, after spending almost 2 years in the leading role in the company, will continue working as General Advisor at least for six more months following the acquisition. Under the leadership of his team, all members of which are staying with the company, Envestio has become a stable and secure partner for almost 13 thousand European investors with total investment in excess of EUR 30.8 million in less than two years. A stable and user-friendly platform infrastructure with vast potential for further development has been created from scratch. The company has also established good cooperation with European commercial banks, which is the basis for secure financial management and further growth.

“Now, in the context of the general economic stagnation trends, it is essential to strengthen the company’s management team and to implement innovative solutions by setting new, ambitious goals. We are pleased that Mr. Eduard Ritsmann has joined our team as the new COO and Development Director. Mr. Ritsmann is in command of five European languages ​​and has extensive professional experience obtained from a number of middle and high management positions in different European companies. The knowledge and experience of the new Development Director will help us technologically develop the company as well as attract a broader range of investment projects”, comments Envestio Investment and Development Advisor Liene Meldere.

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