Investment project status update, March 2018

We are continuing our series of introductory articles about the company. Recently we completed another investment project and would like to share project stats and info with our readers.

As you may know, Envestio finds investment opportunities in different industries. Our current range of annual return varies from 14-30%, and right now we are investing in real estate, crypto mining, renewable energy and urban mining projects.

This time we will be looking at a recently finished (100% financing attracted!) investment project EN017001:

Project owner – Cryptocurrency mining company BALTREIT
Project interest rate – 30% per annum
Project duration – 3 months.

BALTREIT is a company working in fintech industry since 2015, specializing in producing and utilizing Mobile Mining Units. The investments will be applied to producing new mining units as well as to mine cryptocurrencies. BALTREIT uses a groundbreaking approach even for as innovative industry as Bitcoin mining is now. While most competitors are using for their operations cost-inefficient, fixed-location mining farms, BALTREIT is already operating at another level with its unique mobile mining units (MMUs), based on the latest technological achievements. With its unprecedented mobility, unique composition, and easy plug-in features BALTREIT mobile mining unit can work at full efficiency almost anywhere in the world.

Let’s have a look at project statistics. Here is a breakdown of investment amounts as well as average return for our our investors who have invested in the project.

Invested amount Investor count Total EUR Average EUR Average return (Investment + dividend) EUR*
5,000-15,000 6 57,000 9,500.00 10,212.50
2,000-5,000 7 29,000 4,142.86 4,453.57
1,000-2,000 11 14,700 1,336.36 1,436.58
500-1,000 17 13,800 811.76 872.64
100-500 22 5,500 250.00 268.75
TOTAL: 63 120,000 1,904.76 2,047.61

*Average return is applicable to those, who invested in the project from the first day. If investment was made later on during the financing process, amount of return is decreased proportionally.

The final payouts from this project will be settled by 28.03.2020.

Currently there are two other investment opportunities to support cryptocurrency mining company BALTREIT. To find out more about these projects as well as see current investment opportunities, please check out our active investment projects by clicking here. 

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