Why Should I Invest at Envestio?

All funds that you have on your bank account are affected by inflation. It’s an obvious fact, which means that the real value of your money is constantly decreasing. People, who are not investing their money are actually losing it year by year.
You don’t want your savings to lose any value, that’s another obvious fact. In order to avoid it you need to find a way of investing your money and yield a return, which is higher than the inflation rate. Traditional bank deposits don’t seem to serve this purpose anymore, as in many countries those are yielding yearly interest from 0% to 0,5%.
The only solution to protect your savings from being devalued by the inflation is investing part of it in assets that yield significantly higher return. Experts recommend that people invest at least 10% of their capital in such type of assets. Envestio is offering a selection of high rentable premium opportunities that can protect your savings from inflation and earn some additional income.

Is Crowdinvesting a New Type of Investment?

Investments done through crowdfunding platforms can be very rewarding. Initially, such investments were possible only for professional investment companies and individuals called business angels, who could invest significant amounts in start-ups or other ventures with high potential, which brought them great returns. Indeed, it required big capital under control and high level of business networking and financial proficiency.

With start of crowdfunding platforms such as Envestio, investments in such rewarding projects became available to wide public, as investing through Envestio is eliminating need for both big capital and exclusive access to high-yielding investment projects. Crowdfunding is also made effective with the biggest platform like bitcoin trader site.

Should I Really Invest Solely Through Envestio?

No. Investments through crowdfunding platforms remain risky ones, so you should not invest your entire savings in high-earning projects. Nonetheless, experts recommend that in order to protect your savings from inflation, some portion of them, e.g. 10% should be invested in projects with high return, while remaining 90% could be invested in conservative investment instruments, which bring low, but guaranteed returns, such as AAA level bonds.

Is It Worthwhile to Invest Small Amounts?

You do not need much capital to invest successfully, you can also create your own diversified investment portfolio at Envestio step by step. Indeed, you can start with small investments from 1 EUR in single project and expand your portfolio over time, you can reinvest profits from successful investments in new projects, etc. As a result, your portfolio will become broadly diversified over time.

You Would Like to Invest but Do Not Know How?

Investing at Envestio is straightforward: You choose one of the premium investment opportunities in which you want to invest and decide how much money to invest. The entire investment process takes place online and requires just a few minutes of your time. In return for your investment, you will receive fixed interest payments according to established schedule. The minimum investment is just 1 EUR.

Envestio has already pre-analysed all investment opportunities offered on the platform. In fact, only very small % of companies applying for a financing round on Envestio are accepted and presented further to Envestio participants.

Support Entrepreneurship

Investments done through Envestio are not just interesting and high-profitable; those are also a way of supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. Many company founders, discoverers, and visionaries often had troubles to find people among traditional investors, who shared their vision and recognized opportunities and potential of their business ideas.

Investors at Envestio are different from that. They share the ideas and see in reality that small things can eventually morph in something big and successful. Envestio participants help new ideas and economic progress, they support innovation and creation of jobs, making a positive contribution to society while earning high profits. It is the best example of win-win situation.


Account Services Fees  
Open account Free of charge
Monthly service fee Free of charge
Annual service fee Free of charge
Account Funding Fees  
Funding via Bank transfer
(minimum deposit – 100 EUR)
Free of charge
Withdrawal up to 5 EUR 2 EUR
Withdrawal of 5 EUR and more Free of charge


What is Envestio?

Started as a private investment fund, now Envestio is a modern crowdinvesting platform, which offers new ways of making investments in traditional and innovative investment projects. Envestio offers investors premium level investment opportunities, which were carefully chosen from many applications and thoroughly studied by Envestio analytical team. Entrepreneurs from different industries can apply for structured financing at Envestio platform and quickly receive it from the pool of registered private investors. Envestio takes care of the transparent full-cycled fundraising process, and ensures honest and unbiased information exchange between all participants of every investment project.

What is crowdfunding?

In the Age of Internet crowdfunding concept swiftly became popular as an alternative way of finding necessary financing for different projects. Unlike the traditional bank financing, crowdfunding is highly decentralized concept, where many investors are participating in each project with investments of small or moderate size. Crowdfunding is being used to finance project of different size and nature, such as commercial ventures, cultural and charity events, scientific research, development of new products, etc. In many cases, people, contributing to a crowdfunding project are not expecting a monetary return, especially in case of funding cultural or charity project, or the return is clearly symbolic, like “thank you” booklet or CD.

What is crowd-investing?

Crowdinvesting is somewhat more specific than ordinary crowdfunding as it is related to funding business ventures, newly established or already existing companies with a straightforward purpose of earning interest on invested funds. Certain number of investors join a pool to complete the announced need of a project or company for specific type of funding. Profits or revenues are distributed to them according to previously approved schedule and proportionally to the share invested by each investor. Most crowdinvesting platforms allow their participants to start investing from very fairly small amounts, such as 50 or 100 EUR. Ordinary people received a great alternative to traditional bank deposits, which are noticeably less flexible and profitable than investments made through crowdfunding platforms.

What is bridge financing?

Bridge financing is an interim financing option used by companies and other entities to solidify their short-term position until a long-term financing option can be arranged. Bridge financing normally comes from an investment bank or venture capital firm in the form of a loan or equity investment. This type of financing only occurs when a company’s runway is shorter than its future financing options, and it needs to remain solvent in order to obtain such long-term financing.
Read more at Investopedia.com

What do Envestio participants get in return for their money?

Investors benefit from participation in investment projects at Envestio in several ways:
• Envestio offers to invest only in premium investment projects, which passed complete due diligence process prior to offering them to public.
• Much higher interest rates than from traditional bank deposits, regular payments according to pre-established schedule.
• Wide range of investment opportunities and possibility to diversify the portfolio of investments.

How much does it cost to use Envestio?

It is free to register at Envestio and start investing using the platform.
Please check our fees here: https://envestio.com/en/investing/#fees

Who can invest at Envestio?

All adults may become investors at Envestio. Legal entities registered in the EEA member countries or Switzerland are welcome to open corporate investor accounts with us.
If you’re registered in another country, please contact us with more details.

Do I have to verify my identity on the platform?

Private investors may start investing right after registration at the platform. In order to activate “withdrawals” they have to provide verification documents.
Corporate investors have to provide documentation for verification before investing.
The documents may be sent via email to [email protected] or uploaded to the platform. Exact requirements may be checked in the “Documents” section inside an investor account.

What is the minimum amount Envestio participants must invest?

Minimum amount of single investment at Envestio is 1 EUR.

What is the minimum funding deposit?

100 EUR

How can I get the bank account details for funding?

Bank account details and payment instructions can be found in an online cabinet of our registered investors (My accounts/”Add funds”).

Which payment methods are not accepted?

At the moment, Envestio is not accepting credit cards as a mean of adding funds to Envestio investment account. Also, it is not possible to add funds by Western Union, crypto-currency, or any kind of electronic money transfer. We don’t accept third party funds, all Investor accounts must be funded from bank accounts of their owners.

Can I fund my account via financial institutions (such as Transferwise, Paysera, etc.)?

It’s possible. Though, we strongly recommend our investors not to use shared IBANs and transfer the funds from their private accounts (with dedicated IBANs) only (so that their payments may be easily identified and returned to the sender if necessary).
Those investors who use Transferwise or similar platforms with shared IBANs must send us a payment proof, so that we may identify the sender.
Don’t forget to add your investor account number while making a payment.

What risk is there for Envestio participants?

Making investments in premium investment projects at Envestio offers great opportunities, but these investments still are risky as any other. In the worst case, the entire investment, including principal and interest amount may be lost. At the same time, Envestio participants are under no obligation to continue funding the problematic project.
Envestio participants can minimize the risk by diversifying their investment portfolio.

How do Envestio participants invest?

At Envestio, investments in any project are processed completely electronically on the online platform.

Can I invest from everywhere in the world?

Since Envestio is more focused on European projects, currently we offer investment accounts in EUR only. Payments in other currencies will be converted to EUR at our bank’s rate.
Please note that we accept payments from private bank accounts of our individual investors only. Corporate Investor accounts may be financed from a bank account opened in the name of a legal entity having an account with us.

Which legal form does the contribution of Envestio participants have?

Investments done at Envestio platform are usually structured in a form of a loan from an Envestio participant to a legal entity.

When do the investment projects publish status updates?

The scheduled dates of annual reports and investor updates are listed in the investors section of the respective investment project and may be accessed by Envestio participants at any time.

When are the earned incomes paid out?

Each project includes a payment schedule, which is visible to all registered Envestio participants.

How are profits from the investment taxed?

Investments done at Envestio platform are usually structured in a form of a loan prom Envestio participant to a legal entity. Thus, returns are earned and taxed as an interest income from a loan and are subject to personal tax rate of the Envestio participant.
Envestio does not guarantee that the above tax information is accurate.

Are there any additional liabilities for the Envestio participants if the investment project doesn’t succeed and becomes insolvent?

No. The risk of the Envestio participants is limited to losing the amount of money they invest in a specific investment project. There are no obligations to make further contributions.
Envestio’s Team performs a deep analysis of every project placed on the platform, making sure the risks are minimized and the borrower has enough funds (and assets pledged) to repay. Still, there is always a possibility that a default scenario of a project may happen.
Read more about the procedure of funds recovery: https://blog.envestio.com/how-safe-investments-in-envestio-are/

Can I also sell the investment I made as an Envestio participant?

Besides the buyback option Envestio is planning to introduce a secondary market tool for selling investments before their maturity to other investors.

What if I change my mind? How does the buyback guarantee work?

Envestio buyback guarantee means that any Envestio participant at any moment can sell an investment from his or her investment portfolio back to Envestio and instantly receive invested money back his or her investment Cost of performing a buyback is shown in a project description.
Please note that in some cases cost of buyback can account to a substantial percentage of the invested amount.
All interest payments already transferred to Envestio participants’ investment account according to the project’s schedule remain in possession of the investors.
Envestio is sufficiently capitalized to execute any buyback immediately.

How does envestio choose its investment projects?

Envestio business model includes cooperation with investment project owners in the field of providing bridge financing/temporary equity replacement for their business projects. Funds, gathered via Envestio portal, constitute a certain share of total financing that is attracted to specific project, besides traditional funding from banks etc. Respectively, the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for these projects is much lower than interest rate, payable to Envestio participants.

We also approach our investment projects from an ethical perspective – our projects help build businesses and infrastructure that creates stable new jobs. In comparison to similar websites offering investment in p2p lending schemes, we do not support the so-called “payday loan” industry, which can actually harm the economy and people in it.

If you are looking for funding for your own business project, feel free to present your investment opportunity to Envestio here.

I haven’t heard much about your management before investing / how can we reach you?

Envestio shareholders have successfully launched and exited several successful P2P projects in different EU countries.

Our team details are located on the bottom of About page.

Since Envestio started as a private investment company without any public activity and launched its first crowd investing project only in December 2017, it is not possible to find too much public interviews or conference speeches, given by the company management. However, we aim to increase transparency of our company to our current and future clients.

Business address of Envestio is presented at the bottom of Envestio webpage, next to other legal details of the company.

I want more answers and information before i invest my hard earned money, can i get in touch with you?

Sure! Envestio existing and potential clients are welcome to ask any questions about the platform or offered investment projects via chat tool at Envestio portal or by sending them to our email: [email protected]. Our client support team will be happy to answer them.

How can an investment project apply for a crowdfunding at Envestio?

Investment projects can apply directly and easily via Envestio website (NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT) or by sending an email to [email protected].

Which criteria does Envestio consider when choosing investment projects?

Envestio conducts primary check and due diligence process, but eventually the project team and the business model must convince the Envestio participants, as they are taking the ultimate decision.

What influence does crowdfunding have on the investment project?

By funding an investment project through Envestio, investors do not have any influence on the day-to-day business of a company. The investment project continues to make its own independent business decisions.

What is the administrative role of the investment projects in crowdfunding process?

The investment projects do not have any administrative burden, because Envestio unites the shares of the investors and serves as the contact for the investment project.

What are the fees for investment projects?

Currently there is a 2-3% structuring fee payable to Envestio for studying an investment project, conducting due diligence, and covering different direct costs, related to placing the project at Envestio website and administering crowdfunding process. Contact us for more details.

Which advantages do investment projects have at Envestio?

Autonomy of Action: The Envestio model of participation provides the investment projects with the necessary managerial freedom in terms of their operations. Day-to-day decisions of the investment project’s management are not influenced by Envestio participants. Legal protection: The standardized Envestio contracts were designed in cooperation leading finance and legal consultants, and strictly follow the effective legislation.

Crowd:Apart from financing, investment projects at Envestio benefit primarily from the crowd. Our Envestio participants are the best crowd one could imagine because there is only a 1 Euro minimum investment amount at Envestio. Indeed, this enables many people to participate, and usually these people are the ones belonging to the Age of Information and like to share info. From the investment project’s perspective, these Envestio participants are valuable fans, who can help increase the investment project’s popularity.

No Administrative Burden: The investment projects benefit from considerable promotion at Envestio website without having to engage in administrative activities because Envestio pools the individual investments and serves as a contact for the investment project.

Promotion: Besides the necessary funding, all investment projects at Envestio receive an excellent marketing opportunity. The investment project can present itself to a wide audience at Envestio website and considerably increase its popularity among the potential investors, who like to share information. As a result, the investment projects receive a great promotion, marketing, and a supportive fan club of their own.

What is Autoinvest?

Autoinvest is a function, which submits automatic investment orders and acquires loan shares according to a configured set of rules. All investments of made by Autoinvest are identical to investments performed manually. Please read our Review blog post for more information.

What are the benefits of Autoinvest?

Autoinvest feature ensures you do not miss an investment opportunity due to high demand, and the investment will be placed based on your chosen criteria automatically, without you having to stress about it.

How does Autoinvest invest funds from my Envestio account?

Once you have confirmed your investment criteria and activated the function, Autoinvest will analyze the criteria for newly published loans and invest in the loans that match your preferences. Autoinvest will not recheck already listed loans it will start working immediately after a new loan publication. Autoinvest works based on a queuing system. If the demand from different Autoinvest portfolios for any single loan is larger than the available loan, various factors will be taken into account while distributing the loan among investors. In order to ensure even allocation of funds and to minimize the risks for investors allowing to have diversified loan portfolios, priority will be given to those investors whose submitted Autoinvest orders have not been fulfilled for the longest time period.

How will my money be spread?

Your money will be spread based on the investment amount you have entered at the Autoinvest activation page (i.e. the investment amount per loan and the total investment amount performed by Autoinvest). Your investments will be placed into the loans according to the same sequence they appear on the platform. Please read our Review blog post for more information.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount through Autoinvest feature is 100 EUR.

Does it cost anything to use Autoinvest?

There is no additional cost for using Autoinvest.

Can I disable the Autoinvest feature once I have enabled it?

Yes, you can turn it on or off any time. It is possible to delete the Autoinvest set of rules by clicking the Delete button in your Autoinvest settings. This will delete the function immediately. It does not cancel any previous or pending investments that have already taken place.
Also it is possible to pause/disable the function by pressing the Disable button. In this case it would be possible to reactivate the Autoinvest rule at any time by pressing the Activate button.

Can I change my Autoinvest settings?

You can easily change your Autoinvest settings at any time. Go to the Autoinvest activation page, choose any Autoinvest rule and press on the View button to view/amend the settings.

Can I still invest manually after Autoinvest?

Of course. Autoinvest users can also manually invest in loans at any time. Manual investment into a project does not cancel Autoinvest feature. Doing so may result in a portfolio of investments that diverges from your Autoinvest criteria.

Is it possible to create multiple Autoinvest rules?

Yes, investors may create multiple Autoinvest rules, which would act independently from each other. Please choose the parameters carefully, as Autoinvest rules with overlapping parameters may submit multiple active orders for the same loan, which may result in a portfolio of several investments in the same project.

Why isn’t my Autoinvest investing?

When Autoinvest is not investing, it is usually due to a lack of available loans corresponding to your settings, or due to insufficient amount of free funds on your investor Account or because Autoinvest is not configured properly, i.e. the settings are mutually contradictory.

Can I cancel orders placed through Autoinvest?

No, you cannot cancel or withdraw an investment if Autoinvest has already placed it.
You may only sell it back to us with a buyback fee applied.

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