As our participant amount has grown significantly in the last months, we are receiving questions from our investors as well as interested users. Therefore, we are starting a series of articles where we will answer the most common questions and try to provide more insight into specifics of our business to people who might be willing to know more about Envestio platform.

1. What are the offered interest rates?

Envestio currently is offering investment projects with yearly interest rate from 14% up to 30%, depending on length and risk category of the project.

Financing of cryptomining hardware industry is considered most risky investment with the highest return, while real estate industry has the lowest risk category and moderate interest rates. You can check out all of our projects by clicking here.

All interest payments already transferred to the Envestio participants investment account according to the project schedule remain in possession of the investor. Interest that is accrued, but not yet received, is written-off at the moment of confirming the buyback.

2. What if I change my mind? How does the buyback guarantee work?

Envestio buyback guarantee means that any Envestio participant at any moment can sell an investment from his or her investment portfolio back to Envestio and instantly receive invested money back his or her investment account. Since the funds, gathered via Envestio portal, constitute a certain share of total financing that is attracted to specific project, besides traditional funding from banks, Envestio is sufficiently capitalized to execute any buyback immediately.
Cost of performing buyback is calculated and shown to Envestio participant in Envestio personal area. Please note that in some cases cost of buyback can account to substantial percentage of invested amount.

3.  Does Envestio convert deposits into a coin/crypto-currency?

Envestio does not convert invested funds into any kind of crypto-currency. Investment accounts of Envestio participants are maintained in EUR, and money payouts to Envestio participants are done in EUR as well. Currently there is no blockchain/token technology used behind Envestio operations.

4.  What are accepted payment methods and are they safe?

At the moment, Envestio is not accepting credit cards as a mean of adding funds to Envestio investment account. This possibility is still being analyzed in order to comply with AML legislation and be economically viable for Envestio business. Also, it is not possible to add funds by Western Union, crypto-currency, or any kind of electronic money transfer. Envestio portal accepts only safe bank transfers, done by Envestio participants from their private bank accounts.

5.  How does Envestio choose its investment projects?

Envestio business model includes cooperation with investment project owners in the field of providing bridge financing/temporary equity replacement for their business projects. Funds, gathered via Envestio portal, constitute a certain share of total financing that is attracted to specific project, besides traditional funding from banks etc. Respectively, the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for these projects is much lower than interest rate, payable to Envestio participants.

We also approach our investment projects from an ethical perspective – our projects help build businesses and infrastructure that creates stable new jobs. In comparison to similar websites offering investment in p2p lending schemes, we do not support the so-called “payday loan” industry, which can actually harm the economy and people in it.

If you are looking for funding for your own business project, feel free to present your investment opportunity to Envestio. Click here to find out more.

6.  How can I find out more information about the company behind the site?

Envestio legal details are presented at the bottom of Envestio webpage. The legal entity is operating under legislation of the Republic of Estonia, which does not require any special registration or license from the country’s financial regulator.

7.  I haven’t heard much about your management before investing / How can we reach you?

Envestio shareholders have successfully launched and exited several successful P2P projects in different EU countries.

Our team details are located on the bottom of this page.

Since Envestio started as a private investment company without any public activity and launched its first crowd investing project only in December 2017, it is not possible to find too much public interviews or conference speeches, given by the company management. However, we aim to increase transparency of our company to our current and future clients.

Business address of Envestio is presented at the bottom of Envestio webpage, next to other legal details of the company.  

8.  How come I have only seen your company on social media, but not TV/radio, press?

We approach everything from the standpoint of maximum efficiency, be it advertising or investments. Naturally, our 21st century audience is primarily using social media, so we focus our efforts where it matters.

9. I cannot find any information about you on independent review sites, why so?

We launched current platform in December 2017 and successfully finished and exited our first crowdinvesting project in the end of February 2018, which is definitely too short term period for attracting massive attention from independent reviewers and other industry-related media resources.

10. I want more answers and information before I invest my hard earned money, can I get in touch with you?

Sure! Envestio existing and potential clients are welcome to ask any questions about the platform or offered investment projects via chat tool at Envestio portal or by sending them to our email: [email protected] email address. Our client support team will be happy to answer them.  


We hope that we have clearly answered the most common questions. If you have anything else on your mind, feel free to contact us.

We encourage you to create a free account and get acquainted with our platform and investment projects by yourself. It takes only a few minutes to create an investor account. Click here to register!

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