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Sooner or later, most entrepreneurs come to a pivotal decision to look for external financing for their projects. For many decades, traditional banks were the first place to go to present the project and receive a loan. Sometimes it took months and several meetings just to hear that the company’s financial perspectives do not allow any funding to be provided; in other cases, bank asked to pledge your grandmother’s country house as a loan collateral or offered a sky-high interest rate combined with dozens of strict covenants. As a result, many excellent projects based on bright entrepreneurial ideas never got a single chance to be realized.

However, things changed in the Age of Information and Internet. Many entrepreneurs have already found necessary funding for their projects without struggling with the old-fashioned financial system, but simply shifting to online crowdfunding marketplaces such as Envestio. Crowdfunding is a perfect way of avoiding traditional financial intermediaries, such as banks, and present your project online to the pool of private investors in many countries.

Finding necessary financing have never been easier and faster. Present your investment opportunity at the Envestio, apply for senior loan, mezzanine capital or equity financing, and you may find it fully funded within 24h time or even sooner. Some high-quality projects gather necessary funding in less than 1 hour!

How it works

  1. Register on Envestio website.
  2. Present your investment opportunity to Envestio using online form or send the application, including full description of the project, to info@envestio.com
  3. Wait until Envestio contacts you.
  4. Accept Envestio’s offer and conclude the contract.
  5. Watch crowdfunding campaign for your project at Envestio website.
  6. Receive the funding and launch your project!

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