Information is presented on Envestio website for informational purpose only. Neither part of this information can be treated as confirmed a sales offer, investment proposal, professional financial, tax, legal, accounting or other advice that can be solely used for making decisions regarding investing funds, evaluating performance or security level.

Envestio website summarizes available information about selected investment opportunities, including data on location of the project, brief target market overview, development prospects, results of financial modelling based on specific assumptions. This summary is not guaranteed to be 100% complete and should not be considered as the sole source for making final decision regarding investing funds into specific project.

It is recommended that before making any real investment decisions, investors check alternative sources of information regarding chosen investment opportunity, as well as carefully examine this investment opportunity, its related documents, evaluate the risks involved and consult professional accounting, tax, legal or other advisor to receive an additional expert opinion.

Envestio website contains different forecasting information, which refers to future periods and therefore cannot be considered 100% certain and conclusive. Presented forecasts and development prospects can be influenced by known and unknown circumstances and factors that may affect certain investment opportunities and potential return on investment in both positive and negative manner. Any information regarding specific project, market, property, development plans, and financial projections can be based on assumptions, which might be a subject to change.

Envestio always strives to provide complete, prudent, up-to-date, and accurate information about available investment opportunities as well as use realistic views and assumptions, however, Envestio cannot ensure absolute completeness, prudency, relevance, correctness, and wholesomeness of such information. As certain part of this information may be provided by third parties, Envestio cannot take any responsibility for actual correctness of information, received from side sources.

Envestio does not assume any obligation or responsibility for possible deviation of the published forecasts from the actual results.

Historical performance should not be treated as warranty for similar future results.

Expected average annual return, calculated in the financial models presented by Envestio is calculated based on the information and assumptions that are available at the date of calculation and publishing this information on the website.

Any investment opportunity can be subject to an unforeseen risk, which may affect value of the investment over time.

Full repayment of investment principal and interest is not guaranteed.

Investment opportunities offered on Envestio website are not subject for supervision from the side of any governmental financial supervisory authority and no investor protection or funds are guaranteed by the state, therefore, presented information is not verified or approved by any supervisory institution.

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