Investment opportunity

  • High-yielding investment in residential construction sector, financing of acquisition of a land plot and building of premium-class residential houses in Jurmala, Latvia.
  • Secured debt, 17.5% planned annual return.
  • Investment principal buyback is available at 5% penalty rate.

Project description

Real estate management company Tukuma Maja SIA that is successfully operating several real estate objects in the Latvian cities of Riga and Tukums is planning to accomplish a new project in Jurmala, Latvia. A land plot, acquisition and further development of which is planned, is located to the address Vikingu 35 in Lielupe district of Jurmala – the biggest recreational and tourist destination in the Baltic states. The object is located in unique and picturesque place, between the Lielupe river and the Gulf of Riga.

Jurmala is located in 25 km from the Riga center and in 10 km from the Riga international airport that connects the city with 106 destinations around the globe.

The land plot is adjacent to the state-protected national park “Ragakapa” with total area of 150 hectares. Public sand beach of the Baltic sea is 700 m far away, while the coast of Lielupe river with its own beach and local yacht club is in 100 meters.

Lielupe district is characterized by well-developed infrastructure with everything necessary for comfort living being in 10 minutes reach. It includes the local shopping mall, a variety of small shops and food market, yacht club, several sports and spa complexes, tennis courts as well as the biggest aquapark in the Baltic states.

At the present moment the number of land plots with similar characteristics (location, total area, and possible construction density) in Jurmala is highly limited. The investment project is going to be accomplished in two phases:

  • Purchasing the land plot, completing all necessary paperwork, and paying the advances for the construction.
  • Construction and sale of three private residential houses.

It is planned to attract an amount of EUR 800,000 for 12 months for completing the first stage of the project.

Characteristics of the land plot

The total area of the land plot is 5 855 square meters.

Zoning of the land plot makes it available to build there a big variety of different real estate objects, such as private residential houses, apartment houses, shopping mall, sports and tourist objects.

Maximum building height is 15 meters.

Maximum construction density is 30% of the total area.

Description of the houses

According to the development plan, it is planned to construct three premium-class private residential houses following the latest construction technologies from the ecologic materials, supplied by leading producers of the construction materials.

The project is built around re-thinking of the traditional Northern European architectural style of Fachwerk. The key visual aspect of this style, the open wooden frame at the same time is also the carrying base of the whole building. The frame of the houses is going to be built using the glued beams, floors – from the glued beams and CLT panels, roof frame – same glued beams, produced from coniferous wooden mass.

All elements of the construction are industrially produced using the unique technology that allows to construct the house in extremely short terms, precisely, in any season without taking into consideration the weather conditions, still following all norms and standards set by respective legislative acts of the European Union.

The houses are ecological and environmental-friendly, do not contain any dangerous or harmful elements at the same time being energy-effective and fireproof, therefore, it is possible to live there throughout the year enjoying high-quality lifestyle with high added value.

The average area of one 2-floor house will be 300-350 square meters.

The surrounding area is going to be equipped with all elements, necessary for comfortable and high-quality living. Project includes use of premium-class materials such as granite and other types of natural stone that will form unique image of the object, bearing in mind surrounding forest and picturesque nature.

Sample repayment schedule

Envestio participant’s investment - EUR 1 000.00

  • 02.10.2019 - EUR 14.38
  • 02.11.2019 - EUR 14.86
  • 02.12.2019 - EUR 14.38
  • 02.01.2020 - EUR 14.86
  • 02.02.2020 - EUR 14.86
  • 02.03.2020 - EUR 13.9
  • 02.04.2020 - EUR 14.86
  • 02.05.2020 - EUR 14.38
  • 02.06.2020 - EUR 14.86
  • 02.07.2020 - EUR 14.38
  • 02.08.2020 - EUR 14.86
  • 02.09.2020 - EUR 1014.86

Total expected return: EUR 1 175.44

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Informationen zum Projekt

Kredit IDEN018115
Kreditnehmer“Tukuma Maja” SIA, Reg. Nr. 40103606539, Latvia
Finanzierungsziel€ 800 000
Zweck des DarlehensFinancing of acquisition of a land plot and building of premium-class residential houses in Jurmala, Latvia
Darlehenszeit12 Monate
Zinsrate17,5% jährlich
Rückzahlung des DarlehensIn full at the end of the Loan Period
Kapitalrückkauf möglichYes, 5% penalty rate
Zahlung von ZinszahlungenMonthly, on a specific date
Typ der FinanzierungSecured debt
Garantie vom Eigentümer des ProjektsCommercial pledge in favour of Envestio Collateral Agent, Personal guarantee


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