Investment opportunity

  • High-yielding investment in car rental industry, short-term financing for the acquisition of new cars.
  • Secured debt, 22% planned annual return.
  • Investment principal buyback is available at 5% penalty rate.

Project description

The company DALBERG AN SIA is a Latvian venture that successfully works on the local car rental market since 2007. The company offers to its clients a possibility to rent different class cars for short and medium term, starting from 1 day.

The company’s fleet currently includes 20 cars from such producers like Volvo, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, VW, Range Rover, etc.

DALBERG AN SIA offers to rent a car for any purpose. For daily use one can use compact class type car such as VW Golf, but for meeting a special guest it is possible to rent a luxurious Mercedes-Maybach. The price of rent starts from 45 EUR/day, which is a great alternative to using taxi or public transportation.


The main advantages of the offered service are:

  • All cars are insured against any type of accidents or damage. It means that in case anything happens with the car on the road or at the parking space, the client won’t need to spend any time to resolve the situation. It will be handled by the company representative.
  • The cars are delivered to the requested location after the confirmation of order is in place. It is not necessary to go somewhere to pick up the rented vehicle.
  • The paperwork usually takes no longer than 15 minutes, and there is no need for cash deposit.

At the moment DALBERG AN SIA is planning to expand its operation in order to meet the growing demand for rented vehicles. For this purpose, the company plans to purchase 10 new sedan-type cars from a local car dealer (VW Passat or alternative). The approximate total value of the project constitutes EUR 200,000-210,000.

The cars will be leased with the help of local bank, which will cover up to 80% of the deal’s value. DALBERG AN SIA is looking to attract from Envestio participant an amount of EUR 50,000 that is necessary to pay the 1st instalment and cover 1st year insurance and other related costs. Financing is necessary for a time period of 7 months.


The market for car rental in Latvia is developing in a very impressive manner. During the last 5 years the average growth rate reached 15%-20%, and currently there are no signs that the market is slowing down. The demand is expected to grow further on as it is becoming increasingly convenient to rent a car using modern technology features like mobile applications, GPS tracking, remote access to the car, etc. As a result, a growing number of people prefer to use rented vehicles instead of taxi, especially when their destination is located outside the city.



Sample repayment schedule

Envestio participant’s investment - EUR 1 000.00

  • 29.09.2018 - EUR 18.68
  • 29.10.2018 - EUR 18.08
  • 29.11.2018 - EUR 18.68
  • 29.12.2018 - EUR 18.08
  • 29.01.2019 - EUR 18.68
  • 28.02.2019 - EUR 18.08
  • 29.03.2019 - EUR 1017.48

Total expected return: EUR 1 127.76

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Informationen zum Projekt

Kredit IDEN018033
Kreditnehmer“Dalberg AN” SIA, Reg. Nr. 40003954198, Latvia
Finanzierungsziel€ 50 000
Zweck des DarlehensAcquisition of 10 new vehicles for car rental business
Darlehenszeit7 months
Zinsrate22% jährlich
Rückzahlung des DarlehensIn full at the end of the Loan Period
Kapitalrückkauf möglichYes, 5% penalty rate
Zahlung von ZinszahlungenMonthly, on a specific date
Typ der FinanzierungSecured debt
Garantie vom Eigentümer des ProjektsCommercial pledge in favor of Envestio Collateral Agent, Personal guarantee


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