Affiliate/referral program

Since 30th of May, 2018 Envestio is introducing a completely new opportunity that allows registered Envestio participants making money not only by investing funds in different projects, but also by spreading the word about Envestio among people, who might be interested in gaining additional income. Please welcome Envestio affiliate/referral program!

How can I join the program?

  1. First of all, you need to be a registered Envestio participant. Registration at Envestio portal is completely free and should not require more than 1-2 minutes of your time.
  2. After logging in to Envestio portal go to the upper right corner of the screen and click the “Invite” icon in order to get to the affiliate/referral program page.
  3. At this page you have two options. Invitations to the potential Envestio participants can be sent either by email (a person will get an email, saying that you’ve invited him or her to join Envestio, and a unique registration link) or generate a direct link that can be posted in your blog, forum, Facebook or any other social network page or just sent in messenger. In case you want to send email invitations to a list of people at once – this is also possible, just email addresses must be separated by a comma (,) or semi-colon (;).
  4. After the person, who was invited, completes registration and makes the first deposit to the investment account, both of you will start earning additional income.

How much will I earn? Will the person I’ve invited earn anything as well?

Both Envestio participants – the one who sent the invite or published the link and the one who followed the link and completed a registration will get a EUR 5 “first deposit bonus”. This bonus is paid within 24h after at least EUR 100 is transferred to the investment account of newly registered Envestio participant.

Besides that, both persons will get an additional “timespan” bonus, calculated as a certain percentage of the net amount, invested through the Envestio platform by the invited participant during 270 days from the date of completing the registration.

How are the “first deposit” and “timespan” bonuses calculated and paid out?

Calculation and payment of “first deposit” bonus is pretty much straightforward – it is made as soon as the first deposit of the invited participant reaches Envestio bank account.

“Timespan” bonus is calculated and paid before the 5th date of each month for the previous month. Calculation, showing the number of persons, who accepted the invitations, the total amount they invested through Envestio platform as well as sum of earned bonus is sent to every Envestio participant, who managed to attract at least one active investor.

Base for calculation is cumulative value of investments, made by the invited participant by the last day of previous month. Percentages paid are as follows:

  • 2,5% for the Envestio participant, who sent the invitation.
  • 0,5% for the invited Envestio participant.

Calculated bonus amounts are transferred to the investment accounts of involved Envestio participants. Afterwards the available funds can be invested in active projects or withdrawn to the bank account following standard funds withdrawal procedure.

In case you have additional questions about the Envestio affiliate/referral program, please feel free to ask your questions using online chat tool or write an email to [email protected]

Looking for funding?

Sooner or later, most entrepreneurs come to a pivotal decision to look for external financing for their projects. For many decades, traditional banks were the first place to go to present the project and receive a loan. Sometimes it took months and several meetings just to hear that the company’s financial perspectives do not allow any funding to be provided; in other cases, bank asked to pledge your grandmother’s country house as a loan collateral or offered a sky-high interest rate combined with dozens of strict covenants. As a result, many excellent projects based on bright entrepreneurial ideas never got a single chance to be realized.

However, things changed in the Age of Information and Internet. Many entrepreneurs have already found necessary funding for their projects without struggling with the old-fashioned financial system, but simply shifting to online crowdfunding marketplaces such as Envestio. Crowdfunding is a perfect way of avoiding traditional financial intermediaries, such as banks, and present your project online to the pool of private investors in many countries.

Finding necessary financing have never been easier and faster. Present your investment opportunity at the Envestio, apply for senior loan, mezzanine capital or equity financing, and you may find it fully funded within 24h time or even sooner. Some high-quality projects gather necessary funding in less than 1 hour!

How it works

  1. Register on Envestio website.
  2. Present your investment opportunity to Envestio using online form or send the application, including full description of the project, to [email protected]
  3. Wait until Envestio contacts you.
  4. Accept Envestio’s offer and conclude the contract.
  5. Watch crowdfunding campaign for your project at Envestio website.
  6. Receive the funding and launch your project!

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