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  Paid out interest: €  648 037

  Average interest rate:  18.73 %

  Registered investors:  5424

  Total funds invested: €  14 731 339



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All funds that you have on your bank account are affected by inflation. It’s an obvious fact, which means that the real value of your money is constantly decreasing.

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Finding necessary financing have never been easier and faster. Present your investment opportunity at the Envestio, and you may find it fully funded within 24h time or even sooner.

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Industry Composition

Since the start of its crowd-investing platform in December 2017, Envestio has been managing investments mainly in three industries. As of December 31, 2018, innovative business of cryptocurrency mining attracted 21% of the total funds invested, the energy sector attracted 17% of the funds, and this is followed by 16% invested in real estate industry. Other projects attracted 46% of the total investments.

Exited investments

As of December 31, 2018, Envestio has successfully conducted and exited 15 crowd-investing projects, by fully receiving back principal and interest from our cooperation partners and paying those out to the investors. The total sum of provided capital exceeds EUR 7,56M, while accumulated income from interest exceeds EUR 278k. Historical average interest rate for the crowd-investing projects, presented at the platform is 19,89% per annum.

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