Bitcoin Billionaire – All You Need To Know

Bitcoin Billionaire technology analyses buying and selling trends in the market to help users profit. Knowledge of the financial markets is not necessary when using Bitcoin Billionaire. However, there are risks attached to using this application, just as with any other investment. 
Business woman trading cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Billionaire software on tablet and destop.

Bitcoin Billionaire Trading App – Is it Legit? 

Various reviewers have praised the platform and there’s currently no concrete reason to doubt its legitimacy.
Most trading platforms seek payments upfront from users. Bitcoin Billionaire does not do that. The company launched in 2011, further validating its authenticity.
A demo account is available to familiarise yourself with the cryptocurrency market and trading. Billionaire Bitcoin does not overstate the profits that a trader can get, and you get an account manager after signing up. 

Bitcoin Billionaire Full Overview

Registration Process

Registration only takes a few minutes. Your name, email, and phone number is all that you need to begin the process. The system automatically connects with a broker, who takes you through the uploading of needed documents.
After a quick age verification process, you will be ready for live trading. Bitcoin Billionaire will send a download link to your email for trading on a smartphone.  

Minimum Deposit

Bitcoin Billionaire requires a minimum deposit of £250 to start your cryptocurrency trading journey. If you are a new user, we recommend that you stick with this amount to begin with. There is always an opportunity to re-invest in the future. It takes a few seconds for your deposit to reflect in your account. 

Live Trading 

The advantage of Billionaire Bitcoin is that the entire trading process is transparent. You can see how the platform processes the best deals. The application works quickly on mobile phones and is very user-friendly. 
A demo account allows you to spend as much time as you need familiarising yourself with the cryptocurrency market. You cannot make any actual earnings with the demo account. 
This trading tool uses Natural Language Processing, a subset of Artificial Intelligence, to study qualitative data, and further quantitative analysis identifies trends that may repeat. The Bitcoin Billionaire website claims that this two-pronged approach has positive results when used accurately.   
You can choose between trading automatically or manually. An algorithm will make all the decisions for you on the automated trading option. The manual option will require you to monitor the markets yourself, demanding more of your time. At the end of a trading session, you can decide whether to reinvest or withdraw. 
Bitcoin is the primary cryptocurrency used on this trading platform. There are various other currencies to choose from on the application. 


You can withdraw at any time. It takes up to 48 hours to process the transaction. A withdrawal request form is available on the app. The process is straightforward and quick, which should calm the nerves of any first-time trader. 

Customer Service

It has a customer care service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Connecting via the telephone is faster than sending an email, but both methods are efficient.  


A team of professional brokers is available to ensure that traders are making a profit. The platform appoints an account manager to you upon account registration.

The Media And Bitcoin Billionaire

Rumours have linked various celebrities and personalities with making a fortune using this trading software. The company has refuted claims that football star Robert Lewandoski once praised the platform publicly. Various news outlets have reported the Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameron, to be users of the app, but Bitcoin Billionaire claimed this as untrue. 
There are also no known links between this trading platform and Bill Gates, Mike Tyson, or Mark Zuckerberg. Virgin Air owner Charles Bronson did not endorse the platform as was reported in some circles. 
As with most cryptocurrency platforms, Bitcoin Billionaire has been the target of scammers and fake news. Some TV shows in the UK and Australia have previously featured the platform.  


There is no apparent reason to doubt the legitimacy of Bitcoin Billionaire, but as with all investments, you must exercise due diligence. A visible warning message is on the website and mobile app about the risk of trading. 
The app is easy to use, has a quick payment system, and its customer care works well. All in all, this is a good app for trading in the cryptocurrency market. 
Based on the reviews, it is possible to lose your investment, but many people have made up to 90% on this trading app. It is a good idea to start small and re-invest as your wallet grows. You will probably not make the huge amounts that the platform advertises but you could get a steady income on this platform.


Is Bitcoin Billionaire a scam or legitimate platform?
Based on user testimonials, we can say that it is legit.
When can I withdraw funds on Billionaire Bitcoin?
You can make withdrawals at any time by sending a withdrawal request.
What is the minimum deposit?
It requires a minimum deposit of £250. 
Does Bitcoin Billionaire have a mobile app?
Yes. A link to download the app is sent on registration.
How much experience do I need to use Bitcoin Billionaire?
None. The system is easy to use and fully automated.
Is there a maximum limit to the profits I can make?
No, there is no limit on the profits you may make on the platform.
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